Port 5053 in use, waiting…

If you see the “Port 5053 in use, waiting…” message in your debug log (or on the console), that means there’s already an RLM license server running on that port.

C:\Program Files\RLM>rlm -c test.lic
12/05 11:44 (rlm) RLM License Server Version 9.4BL2

        Copyright (C) 2006-2012, Reprise Software, Inc. All rights reserved.

12/05 11:44 (rlm) License server started on SOLIDANGLE-PC
12/05 11:44 (rlm) Server architecture: x86_w1
12/05 11:44 (rlm) License files:
12/05 11:44 (rlm)     test.lic
12/05 11:44 (rlm)
12/05 11:44 (rlm) Web server starting on port 5054
12/05 11:44 (rlm) Port 5053 in use, waiting...
12/05 11:44 (rlm) Port 5053 in use, waiting...
12/05 11:45 (rlm) Port 5053 in use, waiting...
12/05 11:45 (rlm) Port 5053 in use, waiting...
12/05 11:45 (rlm) Port 5053 in use, waiting...

5053 is the default port for RLM licenses, so if you already have a RLM-licensed product (for example, from the Foundry or from Exocortex), then port 5053 is already in use.

The solution is simple: edit your .lic file and change the port number on the HOST line to something like 5052 or 5060. Do not use port 5054. 5054 is used for the RLM Web Server, and you’ll get a “Cannot bind Web Server port 5054, exiting” error if you try to use it for the license server.

HOST localhost 0000DEADBEEF 5060
ISV solidangle
LICENSE solidangle arnold 400 permanent 1 share=h min_timeout=120
start=30-nov-2012 issuer=sb customer=sb issued=30-nov-2012 replace
_ck=00d68b14f9 sig="c2N2558b3XHN7k+6bEYb0BhzLSCYu6aS0ih75*sy8kZUTCj

12 thoughts on “Port 5053 in use, waiting…

  1. i change the port to 5052 and 5060 not working after install other software wich use a rlm server

    using option file rlm.opt
    web server starting on port 5054
    port 5052 in use, waiting…
    (rlm) cannot bind web server port 5054, exiting

    any have a solution or know it how change the web server permanent, i try to change the web port with -ws
    change the port but not working after try to run the license.

    thank you.

    • -ws is how you would change the web server port

      What happens when you started rlm and specified -ws ?

      Did you make sure there where no other instances of the Arnold rlm process running?

      • hi friend, the problem was when i install nuke in my mac, before arnold working perfectly but now have a watermark, if i use a -ws change a web server but not charge the licence with the command ./rlm … but fot this i think change permnent the webserver of arnold but i can´t
        im sure only a one process of arnold running, the problem is the port with nuke and arnold is the same.
        do you have any idea why happend this? or who fix this problem, thank you for your time.
        Juan Pablo.

      • Use -ws to use a different port for the web server.

        Edit your license file and change 5053 to some other port. This will avoid any conflict with other software that may be using 5053 for its licensing.

        And after you change the port number, you’ll need to update your solidangle_LICENSE environment variable. Or if you didn’t have solidangle_LICENSE set, you’ll now need to set it, because if you don’t, Arnold will try the default port 5053 instead of the new port that you specified in the license file.

  2. Hello, I might have a dumb question but I’m having trouble with the rlm. When I start it, I get this error on my mac.

    solidangle – bad ISV settings – not restarting
    This probably means that the server settings file is not a settings file for this ISV

    Do you think you can help me? I really have no idea of how to fix it.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi there. I have a serious problem and I can’t figure out how to fix it. I’m getting the 5053 “error”…

    (rlm) Port 5053 in use, waiting…
    (rlm) Cannot bind Web Server port 5054, exiting

    When i follow your suggestion to just switch the port I get…

    (rlm) Using TCP/IP port 5060
    (rlm) Cannot bind Web Server port 5054, exiting

    I’m on a Mac and I have no other software on my system that uses RLM, so I don’t know why this is happening. Any ideas? I really need help with this. Thanks!

  4. Hey guys I really need your help. How can I edit my .lic file and change the port number. Please I need your help. I am currently working on mac.

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