signal caught: error C0000005 — access violation

People often ask me why they get this error…

Unfortunately, there’s no one answer. This is a totally generic error message, and it could be anything. Typically, it’s a bug somewhere. But where?

You could try to manually isolate it…is it shaders? textures? displacement? some object in the scene?

Ideally, you’ll be able to submit a Crash Error Report (CER). That would let us see where the crash actually happened.

Crash Error Report

The backtrace in an Arnold log won’t tell you, because we hide all the symbols in the shipping Arnold. So every backtrace comes out with things like Ordinal0 or AiLightsPrepare or AiADPDialogStrings, because those just happens to be the nearest unhidden symbols.

If you had a linux backtrace, we could symbolicate that on our end to see where the crash is happening. But on Window, it’s not so easy.

* Arnold [5e3b4fd3] windows clang-10.0.1 oiio-2.3.2 osl-1.12.0 vdb-7.1.1 clm- rlm-14.1.3 optix-6.6.0 2021/11/18 13:08:38
* CRASHED in Ordinal0 at 00:00:00, pixel (946, 377)
* signal caught: error C0000005 -- access violation
* backtrace:
>> 0 0x00007ffb083cc387 [ai      ] Ordinal0
*  1 0x00007ffb08a24b56 [ai      ]
*  2 0x00007ffb0891cd0c [ai      ]
*  3 0x00007ffb087eaa92 [ai      ] AiLightsPrepare
*  4 0x00007ffb088ce771 [ai      ]
*  5 0x00007ffb088d4ef6 [ai      ]
*  6 0x00007ffb0870b67a [ai      ] Ordinal0
*  7 0x00007ffb09244186 [ai      ] AiADPSendPayload
*  8 0x00007ffb09243da3 [ai      ] AiADPSendPayload
*  9 0x00007ffb08db0a54 [ai      ] AiADPSendPayload
* 10 0x00007ffb09245414 [ai      ] AiADPSendPayload
* 11 0x00007ffb0989a74c [ai      ] AiADPSendPayload
* 12 0x00007ffb0989a8ed [ai      ] AiADPSendPayload
* 13 0x00007ffbd77c1bb2 [ucrtbase] configthreadlocale
* 14 0x00007ffbd8807034 [KERNEL32] BaseThreadInitThunk
* 15 0x00007ffbd9d22651 [ntdll   ] RtlUserThreadStart

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