Preserve Layer Name for single-layer EXRs

So, what’s this Preserve Layer Name setting do?
Preserve Layer Name is for single-layer EXRs, and it determines whether or not the AOV is written into the pre-defined R,G,B,A channels.

By that, I mean that if Preserve Layer Name = False, then a single-layer EXR will have these channels:

  • A
  • B
  • G
  • R

And if Preserve Layer Name = True, then the single-layer EXR will have channels like this (that include the “layer name”):

  • Arnold_Direct_Diffuse.A
  • Arnold_Direct_Diffuse.B
  • Arnold_Direct_Diffuse.G
  • Arnold_Direct_Diffuse.R

Channel names like “Arnold_Direct_Diffuse.R” can cause problems with some software, so by default Preserve Layer Names is set to False.

Note that Preseve Layer Names applies to single-layer EXRs only. If you’re writing out multi-layer EXRs, you’ll always get names like “Arnold_Direct_Diffuse.R”.

5 thoughts on “Preserve Layer Name for single-layer EXRs

  1. Hi, Stephen
    little bit offtopic question, but dont know where else to put it.
    By you opinion, how does solidangle look at using cracked version of Anorld for personal, non-commercial hobby..
    Autodesk guys for example on one of their official presentation said that basicaly autodesk doesnt give a shit..
    Just curious
    thanks for reply and have a nice day.

      • Hey, it can only be good for business, Arnold is an artist’s tool (it does not get in the way of creativity) so anyone using the ‘open’ version or a percentage will end up in commercial studios some day, able to hit the ground running and/or infuence commercial purchase.

  2. Hi, I cannot find any info on how to render AOV’s to an embedded (multi-channel) exr. I’m sure its something simple, but any help would be greatly appreciated. help please, and thanks~!

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