Switching between different versions of MtoA

If you have several versions of MtoA, you can switch between them by editing your Maya.env and mtoa.mtd files before you start Maya. These two files are located under your MAYA_APP_DIR folder.

For example, C:\Users\SOLIDANGLE\Documents\maya\2013-x64\Maya.env.

MAYA_RENDER_DESC_PATH = C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\2013.0.22.0
PATH = %PATH%;C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\2013.0.22.0\bin

And C:\Users\SOLIDANGLE\Documents\maya\2013-x64\modules\mtoa.mod:

+ mtoa any C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\2013.0.22.0

The mtoa.mod file is put there by the MtoA installer.

The MtoA installer always wants to remove any other installed version, so if you want to keep multiple versions around, you can do one of the following:

  • Extract the files yourself (for example, using 7zip)
  • Make copies of each MtoA version before you uninstall them.

For example, if you have MtoA 0.21 installed in


copy that folder to


Then install MtoA 0.22 (during the install, you may want to change the default install folder to something like C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\2013-0.22.0).

After that, you’ll have both MtoA 0.22 and 0.21, and you can switch between them.

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