[MtoA] Deadline and MtoA 1.0.x

Update: Deadline 6.1 and later support MtoA 1.0.x

Recently I discovered that Deadline 6.0 doesn’t work with MtoA 1.0.x, and it’s because of a change to the MtoA verbosity levels controls in the Render Settings UI. I think an update for Deadline will soon take care of this problem.

This is the error that stops everything:

0: WARNING: Strict error checking on, ignoring the following unrecognized error or warning. If it is fatal, please email support@thinkboxsoftware.com with the error message.
0: STDOUT: Error: No object matches name: defaultArnoldRenderOptions.log_console_verbosity

At first, I “ignored” that error in the log, but after I eliminated all other possible causes, I came back to it.

I worked around it by editing the default MayaBatch.py file in the DeadlineRepository (on my machine, that’s here: C:\DeadlineRepository6\plugins\MayaBatch\MayaBatch.py).

Go to lines 910, 911, and 912, and change lines 911 and 912 to look like this:

elif self.Renderer == "arnold" or self.Renderer == "arnoldexport":
self.Verbosity = self.GetPluginInfoEntryWithDefault( "ArnoldVerbose", "2" )
return 'removeRenderLayerAdjustmentAndUnlock defaultArnoldRenderOptions.log_verbosity; catch(`setAttr defaultArnoldRenderOptions.log_verbosity ' + self.Verbosity + '`);'

When you submit a job, make sure you set the Arnold verbosity level to 0, 1, or 2. Nothing higher.

4 thoughts on “[MtoA] Deadline and MtoA 1.0.x

  1. Thank you!!!

    I’ve resorted to exporting to ass files to get this to work. I’m using version 5.2 and your fix is a few lines up, but it worked!

    Tell me, does your deadline give you percentage of completion per frame at all? Mine sits at 0% until done. Maxwell and Mental ray gave me frame progression.

  2. Regarding 5.2, you can fix also the mayaCmd.py plugin editing line 270 from
    #rendererArguments += ” -r arnold -v 5″
    rendererArguments += ” -r arnold -ai:lve 5″

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