[RLM] The case of the expired license

This case shows that if your license expires overnight, it may not be obvious that that is the problem the next morning. For example, in this case, the customer reported that:

  • The RLM license server was running.
  • The solidangle ISV server was running.
  • But clients were reporting watermarks and “No license for product (-1)” warnings in the Arnold log:
    00:00:02   815MB WARNING | [rlm] error checking out license for arnold (version 20150428):
    00:00:02   815MB WARNING | [rlm]  * No license for product (-1)
  • There were no errors in the ISV debug log in RLM Web Admin, just the Reread request by automatic@midnight entries (the RLM license server automatically rereads license files at midnight every day).

Although there were no errors in the log, a check of the ISV solidangle status page showed something wrong: where’s the License Pool Status???

And a quick look at the log files in the RLM folder revealed the problem:

05/02 00:00 (solidangle) ==== Reread request by automatic@midnight ====
05/02 00:00 (solidangle) Using options file solidangle.opt
05/02 00:00 (solidangle) Setting TIMEOUT for arnold to 120 secs.
05/02 00:00 (solidangle) 
05/02 00:00 (solidangle) Re-reading license files, supporting products:
05/02 00:00 (solidangle) (No valid non-expired licenses found)05/07 00:00 (solidangle) 
05/02 00:00 (solidangle) License files:
05/02 00:00 (solidangle)     arnold_eval_0000coffee_20150428.lic

Note that the license file name arnold_eval_0000coffee_20150428.lic includes the expiry date: 20150428

And you can always check the actual license file to see the expiry date on the license:

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