[RLM] No ISV servers to start

In RLM, an ISV server is a license server for a specific product. For Arnold, the ISV server is solidangle.


So if you see No ISV servers to start in your log:

05/07 15:52 (rlm) RLM License Server Version 11.2BL2

        Copyright (C) 2006-2014, Reprise Software, Inc. All rights reserved.

05/07 15:52 (rlm) License server started on StephenBlair-PC
05/07 15:52 (rlm) Server architecture: x64_w2
05/07 15:52 (rlm) License files:
05/07 15:52 (rlm)     arnold_eval_90b11c647d93_20150428.lic
05/07 15:52 (rlm)
05/07 15:52 (rlm) Web server starting on port 5054
05/07 15:52 (rlm) Using TCP/IP port 5053
05/07 15:52 (rlm) ... adding UDP/IP port 5053
05/07 15:52 (rlm) (No ISV servers to start)

That means there won’t be a solidangle ISV server running, and there won’t be any Arnold licenses available:

Here’s a couple of licenses that result in No ISV servers to start.

  • This license is missing a line break. The ISV line has to be on a separate line; otherwise RLM won’t recognize the ISV statement and won’t find the ISV server name.
    HOST localhost 0000coffee 5053 ISV solidangle port=66666
    LICENSE solidangle arnold 20161030 28-apr-2015 1 share=h
      min_timeout=120 start=28-apr-2015 issuer=Stephen customer=00340
      issued=28-apr-2015 _ck=fed6ff299c sig="60P0453GDCA9UJKPGJSGAGJK8YWFY
  • This license is a node-locked license, so there is no ISV line, and you don’t need a license server to use the license.
    LICENSE solidangle arnold 20150430 30-apr-2015 uncounted
      hostid=90b11c647d93 start=03-mar-2015 issuer=Stephen customer=00340
      issued=3-mar-2015 replace _ck=f9d7d6ce9c sig="60PG4512N1FRJ14HSNHACV

    How do I know it is a node-locked license? First, there’s no HOST or ISV lines, and second, it’s uncounted. Only node-locked licenses have the uncounted keyword.

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