Per-object AA settings?

In the comments, a reader asks:

I am trying to override AA_samples per geometry and cant figure out where to add the attribute. I tried adding a user option to a set with AA_samples 6 and numerous other things but to no avail. Any ideas??

That’s not the way Arnold rolls 🙂

Arnold currently uses a global, non-progressive AA scheme, and the official Arnold shaders (such as the Standard shader) don’t support per-shader or per-object sample settings. One of the goals of the Arnold renderer is to reduce the amount of controls, and per-object or per-shader sampling doesn’t really fit into that vision.

A possible workaround would be to write a custom shader that reads user data attributes from objects and overrides the sampling settings.

PS If you want to know what user options are available, try using kick -info. For example, kick -info polymesh will give you the available parameters for a polymesh node. And kick -nodes will give you a list of nodes.

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