[MtoA] Recipe for linear workflow


  • 1 x Maya
  • 1 x MtoA
  • 1 x Monitor calibrated to sRGB
  • Linear textures


  1. In the Render Settings, set all the Arnold gamma correction settings to 1.0.
  2. Set your Render View > Display to 32-bit floating-point (HDR).
  3. Click Render View > Color Management, and in the viewColorManager Attribute Editor, set the Image Color Profile to Linear sRGB (that is, your input textures are in linear space).
  4. Render to EXR or some other linear floating point format.

hat tip: Fred

4 thoughts on “[MtoA] Recipe for linear workflow

  1. Please, please, reply.

    Thanks for the info. with 2.2 sometime look best than 1.0 for all parameters. So, when i send exr with the parameter set to 2.2 to NUKE, obviously the workflow is incorrect, it changes the color.

    Therefore, Is there an option in NUKE that helps to make it look like maya, like original render from nuke?

    Sorry for the bad english and thanks from Colombia.

  2. Not sure if the right workflow i set all to 2.2 less display which i set in 1
    Next i set use Image Color Profile to Linear sRGB to 2.2 for display

  3. hi what I got from this is means with this work flow all the import images are considered linear type. which means if we input srgb images like jpg or bmp, we need to connect a gamma correction node to each image,right? and …as I’m using mentalray a lot ,with it we set every single channel images linear type. so is arnold ,right?

    sorry for keep asking but here is another question. as I’m going through your official guide ,with your method I got correct reflection on both ground and objects and also correct shadow.but still with 2 issues. 1 with image plane ,it blocked all the alpha channel which means I can get the right mask for the gound .2 with chromatic material and diffuse material it’s fine, but once I want to add a transparent object. it showed with almost black ,like it can’t catch any information from both ibl and image plane… don’t know how to fix it.

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