[MtoA] [MacOSX] Rendering a sequence

Here’s a question submitted through solidangle.com: how do I render a sequence of frames with Maya on Mac OS X?

The answer is: the same way you would a sequence of frames with mental ray in Maya.

In Maya:

From the command line:

  • Open a Maya Terminal, either through Spotlight or in Finder (/Applications/Autodesk/maya2015/Maya Terminal.term)

    Using a Maya Terminal means that the PATH already includes the location of the Maya command-line renderer.

  • In the terminal, use the Render command to render the sequence. For example:
    Render -r arnold -s 1 -e 10 -proj /Users/stephen/MyProject /Users/stephen/MyProject/scenes/arnold.mb

If Arnold is the renderer specified in the saved scene file, you can omit -r arnold from the Render command.

Run the command Render -help -r arnold to print the help for the Arnold-specific render flags.

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