[Arnold] [RLM] ARNOLD_LICENSE_HOST and ARNOLD_LICENSE_PORT no longer supported

If you’re still using ARNOLD_LICENSE_HOST and ARNOLD_LICENSE_PORT, now’s the time to stop. As of Arnold, these deprecated environment variables are no longer supported.

Instead, use solidangle_LICENSE.

For example, if you currently have these environment variable settings:


you can replace them with this:

solidangle_LICENSE 5055@lic_server

Note: solidangle_LICENSE was added in Arnold 4.0.4 (released back in 23-May-2012).

Also new with Arnold is the ability to use a .lic file instead of an environment variable. Just create a .lic file that looks like this:

HOST lic_server 5055

and put the .lic file in the same folder as Arnold (ai.dll, libai.so, or libai.dylib).

If you want to put the .lic file somewhere else, then you need to set solidangle_LICENSE to point to the lic file.

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