[RLM] No ISV servers to start

In RLM, an ISV server is a license server for a specific product. For Arnold, the ISV server is solidangle.


So if you see No ISV servers to start in your log:

05/07 15:52 (rlm) RLM License Server Version 11.2BL2

        Copyright (C) 2006-2014, Reprise Software, Inc. All rights reserved.

05/07 15:52 (rlm) License server started on StephenBlair-PC
05/07 15:52 (rlm) Server architecture: x64_w2
05/07 15:52 (rlm) License files:
05/07 15:52 (rlm)     arnold_eval_90b11c647d93_20150428.lic
05/07 15:52 (rlm)
05/07 15:52 (rlm) Web server starting on port 5054
05/07 15:52 (rlm) Using TCP/IP port 5053
05/07 15:52 (rlm) ... adding UDP/IP port 5053
05/07 15:52 (rlm) (No ISV servers to start)

That means there won’t be a solidangle ISV server running, and there won’t be any Arnold licenses available:

Here’s a couple of licenses that result in No ISV servers to start.

  • This license is missing a line break. The ISV line has to be on a separate line; otherwise RLM won’t recognize the ISV statement and won’t find the ISV server name.
    HOST localhost 0000coffee 5053 ISV solidangle port=66666
    LICENSE solidangle arnold 20161030 28-apr-2015 1 share=h
      min_timeout=120 start=28-apr-2015 issuer=Stephen customer=00340
      issued=28-apr-2015 _ck=fed6ff299c sig="60P0453GDCA9UJKPGJSGAGJK8YWFY
  • This license is a node-locked license, so there is no ISV line, and you don’t need a license server to use the license.
    LICENSE solidangle arnold 20150430 30-apr-2015 uncounted
      hostid=90b11c647d93 start=03-mar-2015 issuer=Stephen customer=00340
      issued=3-mar-2015 replace _ck=f9d7d6ce9c sig="60PG4512N1FRJ14HSNHACV

    How do I know it is a node-locked license? First, there’s no HOST or ISV lines, and second, it’s uncounted. Only node-locked licenses have the uncounted keyword.

The case of the license server that wasn’t releasing licenses

In this case, a customer reported that the license server wasn’t releasing licenses when a render node crashed.

Why did this happen? Because the customer had an older version of the license server that didn’t have a license TIMEOUT.

Since early 2012, the Solid Angle license server ships with a default TIMEOUT of 120 seconds. That means if a workstation stops sending heartbeats to the license server, then after two minutes the license server takes back the license. So, for example, if a workstation crashes or disconnects from the network, then the license server will take back the license after a couple of minutes.

The TIMEOUT is specified in a solidangle.opt file located in the RLM folder, along with rlm.exe and solidangle.set. Newer versions of the Solid Angle license server ship with this options file, but if you don’t have it, you can either upgrade your RLM or create the file yourself. Here’s what it should look like:

TIMEOUT 120 arnold

You’ll need to restart the server to read the new options.

What are heartbeats? Heartbeats are messages sent from a licensed application to the license server while the application has one or more licenses checked out from the server. You can see them with Process Monitor. In this screenshot, you can see that XSI.exe is sending a heartbeat every one minute to the license server.

If you need to free a checked out license, you can “remove” it (that’s RLM-speak for taking back a checked out license).

To remove a license in rlm admin (localhost:5054):

  • Click Status.
  • Under Server Status, click solidangle.
  • Under Show License Usage, click Usage.
  • Click Remove.