[RLM] The case of the false positive for virtual machine detection

When RLM detects that it’s running on a virtual machine, you’ll see “This server does not run on virtual machines, exiting” and “solidangle initialization error: 5, not restarting” in the RLM debug log:

06/22 11:45 (solidangle) RLM License Server Version 10.1BL2 for ISV "solidangle"
06/22 11:45 (solidangle) Settings from RLM Version 10.1BL2 for ISV "solidangle"
06/22 11:45 (solidangle) This server does not run on virtual machines, exiting
06/22 11:45 (rlm) Reread request (for everyone) by webuser@example-pc
06/22 11:45 (rlm) Restarting solidangle on port 55555
06/22 11:45 (rlm) New thread created to watch ISV solidangle
06/22 11:45 (rlm) Starting any new ISV servers...
06/22 11:45 (rlm) 
06/22 11:45 (rlm) solidangle initialization error: 5, not restarting
06/22 11:45 (rlm) 
06/22 11:45 (rlm) The ISV server is running on the wrong host.
06/22 11:45 (rlm) 
06/22 11:45 (rlm) This can happen if:
06/22 11:45 (rlm)  The hostid of this machine doesn't match any license file
06/22 11:45 (rlm)  - or -
06/22 11:45 (rlm)  You are attempting to run the server on a virtual machine

In this case, the machine wasn’t virtual. And both RLM and the solidangle ISV were the same version (10.1BL2), so it wasn’t a case of a newer solidangle.set with an older RLM, which gives you the same log output.

The problem was the older RLM version. The older RLM 10.1BL2 would sometimes issue a false positive for virtual machine detection. The solution is to upgrade to the newer RLM 11.2BL2, which you can get by downloading Arnold or later.

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