[MtoA] Exporting XGen archives

Finally, I have XGen > Generate > Export Selection as Archive working with Maya 2016 Extension 1 + SP5 on Windows 7.

I recently updated to SP5 from SP4, but I don’t know if that’s part of why the export works now. But I do know that I had to install mental ray for Maya 2016. I didn’t need to load Mayatomr, I just needed it installed. And then Export Selection as Archive worked!

PS I did see that thread on cgtalk about modifying xgenMR.py and xgenMRExport.py, but that didn’t work on my Windows 7 machine.

UPDATE: In summary, to export XGen archives, you need to:

  • install Mayatomr (but you don’t need to load it)
  • load xgenMR.py and xgenToolkit.mll

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