[C4DtoA] Understanding shaders and AOVs

Arnold takes care of writing the built-in AOVs like N, P, Pref, A, and the all-important beauty. But it’s shaders that write to AOVs like direct_diffuse. That’s why something like this is not going to give you what you might expect in the AOVs:


layer_color doesn’t write to AOVs, so you won’t see the layered result in an AOV like direct_diffuse. standard does write to the direct_diffuse AOV (and others), but in this setup, you have multiple standards and they end up overwriting each other, so you get just the last standard output in the AOVs.

It’s better practice to avoid having multiple standard nodes in a single material; instead, layer the maps that go into the standard parameters like the diffuse and specular colors.

Or you could use a node like mix, or the third-party alLayer, which support AOVs. You can tell if a node writes AOVs by looking at its Attribute Editor: there’s usually a tab or list where you can change the names of the AOV outputs.


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