[MtoA] What environment variables does MtoA use?

MtoA uses these environment variables:

  • ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH is for shaders.
    MtoA and kick use this environment variable. Arnold doesn’t (when you write Arnold code that loads an ASS file, Arnold doesn’t getenv ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH)
  • MTOA_TEMPLATES_PATH is for the Attribute Editor (AE) templates of Arnold shaders. For example, if you use the alShaders:
    set MTOA_TEMPLATES_PATH  C:\solidangle\alShaders\alShaders-win-1.0.0rc18-ai4.2.12.2\ae
  • MTOA_EXTENSIONS_PATH is for MtoA extensions like Yeti. By default, MTOA_EXTENSIONS_PATH points to the extensions folder in the MtoA installation.
  • MAYA_CUSTOM_TEMPLATE_PATH is for Node Editor templates for Arnold shaders. For example, if you use the alShaders:
    set MAYA_CUSTOM_TEMPLATE_PATH C:\solidangle\alShaders\alShaders-win-1.0.0rc18-ai4.2.12.2\aexml
  • My personal favorite, MTOA_STARTUP_LOG_VERBOSITY, sets the MtoA log verbosity during startup: 1 for Errors and Warnings, 2 for Errors, Warnings, and Info, and 3 for all. This can be handy for troubleshooting MtoA loading problems.
  • MTOA_LOG_PATH is the default location for Arnold log files.

These are not MtoA environment variables:

  • ARNOLD_PROCEDURAL_PATH is an HtoA environment variable. It’s not used by MtoA (or kick).
  • MTOA_PROCEDURAL_PATH doesn’t exist. No such environment variable is used or supported by MtoA.
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