[Arnold] Rolling shutter in a nutshell

What’s rolling shutter? It’s an effect, or artifact, that looks like like this:

Rolling shutter means that the image isn’t captured all at once, but one scanline at a time:

Lee posted a video walk through of how to get the rolling shutter effect with Arnold. He used C4DtoA, but it’s basically the same recipe in any of the Arnold plugins:

  • Your geometry has to be spinning fast (like a propeller 😉
  • Select your camera, and enable Rolling Shutter. Leave the duration at 0.
  • In the Render Settings, enable motion blur (you don’t need deformation blur, or camera blur).
  • Adjust the number of motion keys, and the shutter length, to taste. As you increase the shutter length to exaggerate the effect, you’ll need more motion keys.

Update: And here’s some more interesting experiments with the rolling shutter effect

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