[MtoA] Unable to dynamically load mtoa.mll …The specified procedure could not be found.

If the MtoA plug-in  does not load and you get a “The specified procedure could not be found” error like this:

// Error: line 1: Unable to dynamically load : C:/solidangle/mtoadeploy/2016/plug-ins/mtoa.mll
The specified procedure could not be found.
// Error: line 1: The specified procedure could not be found.
 (mtoa) //

then there’s a few basic things you need to check first:

  • Does your processor support SSE4.2? As of Arnold (MtoA, support for SSE4.2 is required. You won’t be able to load MtoA or use Arnold if your processor doesn’t support SSE4.2.
  • Do you have the right MtoA version for your version of Maya? Major versions of Maya are not binary compatible, so for Maya 2016 you need “MtoA for Maya 2016”.
    And Maya 2016 Extension 2 is not binary compatible with Maya 2016 Extension 1, so if you have Extension 2, you need “MtoA for Maya 2016.5”

If your processor is good and you have the right version of MtoA, then it’s on to basic troubleshooting:

  • Check the environment in Maya. For example, does the PATH include any older versions of MtoA? If you’re on Windows, run the MEL command system(“set”) to get the environment. On OSX or Linux, run system(“printenv”).
  • Check for missing or conflicting libraries. On Windows, you can use Dependency Walker to  check for any conflicts or missing DLLs.

    Download and extract Dependency Walker. Then start it from inside Maya (to inherit the Maya environment). For example, I do something like this:
    system( “start C:/Users/stephen/Downloads//depends22_x64/depends.exe” );

    Then load mtoa.mll.

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