Buying Arnold



Annual subscriptions

You get annual subscriptions from Autodesk resellers

You can get Arnold 5-packs at 50% of the usual price, or you can get single Arnold licenses at full price:

Monthly subscriptions

  • You can subscribe for one, two, or three months.
  • Monthly Subscriptions are £60 / €70 / $65 Per Month
  • Monthly subscriptions are available online from

Permanent licenses

Until 30 April 2018, you can still get permanent Arnold licenses. Contact your local Autodesk reseller.

Running multiple Arnold instances on the same computer

Arnold licenses are shared by host. That means all Arnold instances running on the same computer share the same license.

For example, you can have multiple copies of Houdini running on your computer, all doing render regions with HtoA, and you’ll be taking just a single Arnold license. Same thing with Softimage and Maya.

License sharing is defined by your license. The share=h in your license means that all processes (aka instances) running on the same host (aka computer) can share a single license.

Even when licenses are shared, you will still see multiple checkouts in your license usage. For example, here’s my license usage when I have an IPR going in Maya, and render regions in Softimage and Houdini:
The debug log would show something similar:
It might look like there are three licenses checked out, but it’s not. It’s just one license, checked out three times (aka shared three times).

If I check my license pool status, I can see that one license is in use:

And if you have reporting enabled, you can check the report and see that all three licenses have the same share handle (which means that the license is being shared):

[RLM] [Arnold] Troubleshooting watermarks and license problems

If a workstation or render node can’t get a license, you can use the Arnold log to find out what’s happening. If you set the log verbosity to debug, you can see where Arnold is trying to find a license server, whether or not Arnold can connect, and whether Arnold is being refused a license.

First, let’s look at what success looks like:

00:00:00   703MB         | [rlm] checking connection to license servers ...
00:00:00   703MB         | [rlm]  5053@StephenBlair-PC ... UP
00:00:00   703MB         | [rlm] checkout of "arnold 20140917" from StephenBlair-PC in 0:00.01
00:00:00   703MB         | [rlm] expiration date: 31-dec-2016 (768 days left)

These log entries tell me that solidangle_LICENSE (or RLM_LICENSE) is set to “5053@StephenBlair-PC” and that Arnold was able to get a license. I know that solidangle_LICENSE is set because the log entry says “license servers” (plural). If solidangle_LICENSE isn’t set, there’s just one license server to check: the default 5053@localhost.

For example, if you’re running on the same machine as the license server, you might see something like this:

00:00:00    11MB         | [rlm] checking connection to license server on 5053@localhost ...
00:00:00    13MB         | [rlm] checkout of "arnold 20141103" from localhost in 0:00.02
00:00:00    13MB         | [rlm] expiration date: 31-dec-2016 (761 days left)

So, if solidangle_LICENSE isn’t set, then on a workstation or render node you’d see this in the log:

00:00:00   784MB         | [rlm] checking connection to license server on 5053@localhost ...
00:00:05   784MB WARNING | [rlm] could not connect to license server on 5053@localhost

Note the Arnold checks just one license server: 5053@localhost. If solidangle_LICENSE is set, Arnold will check at least two license servers.

If solidangle_LICENSE is set, but Arnold cannot reach the specified server, you’d see this:

00:00:00   751MB         | [rlm] checking connection to license servers ...
00:00:05   751MB         | [rlm]  5053@null ... DOWN
00:00:10   751MB         | [rlm]  5053@localhost ... DOWN
00:00:10   751MB WARNING | [rlm] could not connect to any license server

If the RLM server is up and reachable, but the solidangle ISV server is down, then you’d see this:

00:00:00   745MB         | [rlm] checking connection to license servers ...
00:00:00   745MB         | [rlm]  5053@StephenBlair-PC ... UP
00:00:03   745MB WARNING | [rlm] error checking out license for arnold (version 20140917):
00:00:03   745MB WARNING | [rlm]  * Communications error with license server (-17)
00:00:03   745MB WARNING | [rlm]  * Connection refused at server (-111

The RLM server is the main RLM service that manages all the ISV servers. The ISV servers serve licenses for specific software packages, like solidangle, foundry, or exocortex.

If there are no licenses available:

00:00:00   745MB         | [rlm] checking connection to license servers ...
00:00:00   745MB         | [rlm]  5053@StephenBlair-PC ... UP
00:00:00   745MB WARNING | [rlm] error checking out license for arnold (version 20141103):
00:00:00   745MB WARNING | [rlm]  * All licenses in use (-22)

If the licenses don’t support the newer version of Arnold you’re trying to use:

00:00:00    11MB         | [rlm] checking connection to license server on 5053@localhost ...
00:00:00    13MB WARNING | [rlm] wrong license version for "arnold 20141103", found 1 license for "arnold 20140701"
00:00:00    13MB WARNING | [rlm] your maintenance expired on 2014/07/01, please contact

If the licenses are expired:

00:00:00   745MB         | [rlm] checking connection to license servers ...
00:00:00   745MB         | [rlm]  5053@StephenBlair-PC ... UP
00:00:00   745MB WARNING | [rlm] could not find any license for "arnold 20141103", the license may be expired

Adding Arnold licenses to an existing RLM license server

If you’ve already have an RLM license server up and running, it’s easy to add your Arnold license to that server. Just download the Solid Angle RLM package, extract the solidangle.set and solidangle.opt files from the download, and copy them to your RLM folder. Then do a reread/restart of the server to pick up the Arnold licenses.

Just make sure you’re not running an older version of RLM. The Solid Angle license server (solidangle.set) requires RLM v10.1BL2 or later.

RLM is backwards compatible, which means you can always use a newer version of RLM with an older solidangle.set.

But RLM is not forwards compatible. You cannot use an older RLM with a newer solidangle.set. For example, you cannot use the current solidangle.set ISV server with RLM v9.4BL2.

If you use a newer solidangle.set with an older RLM, you’ll see something like this in the RLM log:

08/22 14:23 (rlm) RLM License Server Version 9.4BL2

        Copyright (C) 2006-2012, Reprise Software, Inc. All rights reserved.

08/22 14:23 (rlm) License server started on SOLIDANGLE-PC
08/22 14:23 (rlm) Server architecture: x86_w1
08/22 14:23 (rlm) License files:
08/22 14:23 (rlm)     arnold.lic
08/22 14:23 (rlm)
08/22 14:23 (rlm) Web server starting on port 5054
08/22 14:23 (rlm) Using TCP/IP port 5053
08/22 14:23 (rlm) Starting ISV servers:
08/22 14:23 (rlm)     ... solidangle on port 60008
08/22 14:23 (rlm) New thread created to watch ISV solidangle
(solidangle) Server settings (version 10) incompatible with RLM v9 software
(solidangle) This settings file must be used with RLM v10 (or later) software
08/22 14:23 (rlm)
08/22 14:23 (rlm) solidangle initialization error: 1, not restarting
08/22 14:23 (rlm)
08/22 14:23 (rlm) Server initialization error.
08/22 14:23 (rlm)
08/22 14:23 (rlm) This indicates either:
08/22 14:23 (rlm)  A settings file incompatible with this RLM version
08/22 14:23 (rlm)  - or -
08/22 14:23 (rlm)  The ISV server is built with an incorrect RLM license
08/22 14:23 (rlm)  - or -
08/22 14:23 (rlm)  The ISV server encountered an error processing its options fi
08/22 14:23 (rlm)

For google: “solidangle initialization error: 1, not restarting”

Upgrading to Arnold 4.1.x

Arnold 4.1.x has plenty of new features and improvements, and you can read about those in the release notes.

Here’s a few other little things to know about Arnold 4.1.x:

  • All shaders, procedurals, and plug-ins like SItoA and MtoA need to be recompiled to work with Arnold 4.1.x.
  • You need a new license to render with Arnold 4.1.x. An Arnold 400 license won’t work with Arnold 4.1.x.
  • Ass files written by Arnold 4.1.x cannot be loaded by older versions of Arnold.
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